Why should I shorten my UTM links?

The long and cumbersome UTM links can be unappealing to users and could potentially harm the performance of your marketing campaign.

Shortening UTM links can provide several benefits. Firstly, shortened links are visually more appealing and easier to share on social media platforms. Long UTM links can be an eyesore and can be distracting to users. Shortened links, on the other hand, can fit more easily into character limits on social media platforms like Twitter, where the character limit is restrictive.

Moreover, some platforms, such as messaging apps or email clients, might strip UTM parameters from links, which means you'd lose your tracking. This can be detrimental to your marketing campaigns, as you won't be able to track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Shortened URLs, however, cannot be stripped of UTM parameters, ensuring that your tracking is always accurate.

With utm.zone Bulk UTM Link Builder you can:

  1. Save time by creating multiple UTM links together
  2. Shorten UTM links with custom urls
  3. Share UTM links with your team
  4. Avoid mistakes when creating campaigns